Different Types of Pergola Roofing Materials – Creative Outdoors Pergolas Adelaide

An outdoor pergola is a structure that can be used to cover a garden, patio or deck area in your backyard. It’s mainly used for covering an area but still leave it exposed to the natural elements. Many Aussie homeowners are falling in love with the beauty and elegance of the pergola. However, some prefer theirs to be a little more covered and protected from the conditions of the outside. That’s why many have put emphasis on their pergola roofing system by choosing the appropriate material.


Many Creative Outdoors pergolas Adelaide are using different types of roofing materials such as metal, plastic, fibreglass, and fabric are all fantastic solutions for adding an additional layer of protection. The size, shape, and overall style of your pergola can be either unique or standard. You can easily adjust most of these roofing materials or cut them to fit the size of your pergola structure and design. With that said, here are some notable pergola roofing materials that you should consider:


Durable Metal Roofs

A metal pergola roof is considered to be the most durable; which is why this material is chosen as a permanent roof than other types of roofing materials. The attractive feature about metal roofing is its ability to be cut down to fit any size or shape of your pergola structure. Metal also has a variety of materials that you can choose from. Some notable variants include copper, tin, aluminium, and steel.


Fibreglass and Plastic Roofs

Fibreglass and plastic are two pergola roofing materials that are known for their extreme durability and affordability. Also, it can also be used as permanent pergola roofing materials compared to other types. Fibreglass and plastic are designed to allow light exposure while keeping the harmful ultraviolet rays at bay. They’re also great during the rainy season. Creative Outdoors pergolas Adelaide can genuinely benefit from using both these materials as their roofing system.


Fabric Deck Covers

Fabric deck covers are another way to cover your pergola. Just like metal, there are different variants of outdoor fabric covers that you can choose from. Some offer excellent UV protection, which is ideal if you’re planning to add furniture to your pergola structure. Many fabric covers are available in different colours and have an exciting design. They can add even more style to your pergola, which will only add to the overall appeal and attractiveness of your outdoor area. Click here for a complete breakdown of the different types of fabric deck covers.


The right pergola roofing system will depend on your personal preference. However, we can guarantee that it will fall under the types mentioned in this article. For more ways on how you can take advantage of Creative Outdoors pergolas Adelaide, click here.